For anyone with a car that’s more than three-years-old, the annual MOT test is a fact of motoring life. Perhaps you’re wondering why your car needs one, perhaps you think about it a lot, or perhaps it’s never crossed your mind until now. But we have all the answers.

It comes around every year (if your car is more than three-years-old), just like Christmas. It’s car MOT time!

The MOT test was set up way back in 1960, and it’s a legal requirement.

If your car needs one and doesn’t have a valid MOT, you face a £1000 penalty, as well as being unable to renew your road tax. It will also almost certainly invalidate your car insurance, which risks a further six-eight penalty points and invalidates any claims. So it’s quite important to keep on top of them.

These are the most important facts you should know:

The government caps the cost of the test at £54.85* (excluding VAT).

The test is controlled by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, previously known as VOSA), and MOTs must be carried out by a qualified and approved ‘Nominated Tester’ (NT).

Once the test is completed, you will receive either a Pass or Fail, with a certificate.